3R Initiative
Clariter (The NL)
The Netherlands
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Clariter is a global clean-tech company that has created a revolutionary process which addresses the world’s plastic waste problem. Since its formation in 2003, Clariter’s technology has provided a new alternative for plastic recycling. While the industry is currently turning plastic into new plastic, energy, or fuel, Clariter’s unique process transforms plastic waste into high-value, pure industrial products such as oils, waxes and solvents. These are then used as ingredients for more than 1,000 different consumer and end products, e.g. car wax and shoe polish. Greener products that proactively clean the planet simultaneously. Clariter ends the life of plastic and reduces the demand for fossil fuels, thereby driving a sustainable economy and a clean industry. In the Netherlands, the chemical recycling plant will focus on hard to recycle plastic that otherwise would be sent to a Waste to Energy (WTE) facility.