3R Initiative
Ethical Recovery and Safe Disposal of Multilaminate Plastic (MLP) Waste
Hyderabad, India
Project's activity:


This first-of-its-kind project entails recovery and safe disposal of Multi-Laminate Plastic (MLP), to stem its flow into our natural ecosystem.
The project creates financial incentives for informal waste workers to collect otherwise uncollected MLP from private and commercial establishments and sale to our partner, Waste Ventures. The project further subsidizes the processing, transportation and finally co-processing of MLP, which were unviable in the pre-project scenario.

The project opts for Co-processing of plastic waste in government certified and Pollution Control Board approved cement kilns as the end destination, as this has been recognized as the best waste disposal option, ahead of conventional landfilling and incineration, owing to ‘nil residue’ after disposal and complete material and energy recovery. Co-processing is also recognized by UNEP’s Basel convention for disposal of different types of waste.

This project is financed by the PlasticNeutral proceeds of clients of rePurpose Global. These clients are global brands and businesses who have taken a voluntary commitment to reduce their plastic consumption and go PlasticNeutral.

The different program stakeholders involved in the project are outlined below:

1. rePurpose Global: Facilitator, coordinator, who have created economic incentives through the project value chain to ensure project viability, financed through PlasticNeutral funding of rePurpose’s clients and partners.

rePurpose has created an end to end material traceability and ethical supply chain for the project through a combination of robust document trail and technology systems ensuring no double counting.

rePurpose has also instituted an advisory committee comprising stakeholders across the waste value chain, to holistically empower the waste worker communities through improved livelihoods, health solutions, and upward mobility opportunities, enabling their eventual transition into the formal sector through permanent employment opportunities with Waste Ventures.

2. rePurpose’s clients (various): who continue to support the project through their PlasticNeutral commitments. The PlasticNeutral proceeds are directly utilized to create financial incentives necessary to commission and operate this project. Guaranteed and permanent impacts delivered through the project are used by the clients to support their PlasticNeutral claims and communications.

3. Waste Ventures, India (WVI): Waste Management organization and our partner for the project, that purchases MLP from the informal workers and processes it at their MRF before sending it to certified cement kilns for co-processing

4. Informal waste workers: Directly engaged in collection of MLP and selling to Waste Ventures
Ambuja Cement: purchases MLP from WVI for safely and permanently disposing it through co-processing. The project so far has intercepted 60 tonnes of MLP from the ecosystem and created income streams for informal workers directly engaged in the project.