3R Initiative
Reciclar en Caja
Medellin, Colombia
Project's activity:


Reciclar en Caja is a new project in Medellin, Colombia, to increase the recovery and recycling rate of post consumer beverage cartons (herein, UBC). The project is led by TetraPak, under the company Circular Economy Strategy. Within the strategy, there are 4 main objectives to boost the UBC recovery and recycling:
– Increase consumer awareness about the packaging recyclability
– Support and design curbside collection schemes to support recovery
– Optimize recycling value chain, increasing the price per ton (UBC)
– Close the cycle with end market products from recycled material

Recovery Activity:
– The communication campaign to increase consumer awareness focus on social media campaigns with commercial partners of TetraPak and label communication to increase consumer awareness about the UBC.
– Use of a mobile map that can be downloaded by residents. The app contains educational material regarding material recyclability and waste segregation. Moreover, through the app residents can communicate with waste picker associations that are part of the program to request an “in-demand” collection (apart from the curbside collection already taking place)