3R Initiative
Recovery & Conversion of Plastic Waste into usable fuels
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The main objective of the project is to achieve social transformation through technology innovation in the waste sector that supports environmental, social and economic sustainability under the pathway of a circular economy. The project will replace poor baseline conditions such as unawareness, improper waste handling \u0026 disposal, ineffective \u0026 inefficient collection process, no-recovery and no-recycling process etc.  

The project mainly focuses on collecting waste from public places including households, offices, institutions in the project region. The waste collection and plastic waste recovery process will involve NGO partners and local waste pickers in a formal and trained manner. Therefore, this will bridge the gap of waste management and effective waste handling which are the main factors involved at the baseline condition. 

The technology innovation, development and implementation is done by Rudra Environmental Solution (India) Ltd who has been successful in getting rid of non-degradable polymer waste by Thermo Catalytic Depolymerisation Process and generating poly fuel from the plastic waste. The project converts plastic waste that is usually non-recyclable and has low or no monetary sale value into polyfuel through Thermo Catalytic De-Polymerization (TCD) process. This poly fuel is used in stoves, boilers, furnaces, incinerators, Generators etc.  This project will take care of waste plastics effectively by adopting systematic collection, sorting and recovery processes and at the same time will produce usable hydrocarbon fuel through the recycling process.

Capacity : 1000 kg plastic waste processing per batch per day
Location : Western region, Maharashtra state, India.
Status : The installation work is completed, operation yet to be started.  
The project proposed under the 3RI pilot program is a newly started processing plant of capacity 1000 Kg plastic waste per batch per day.  The main technology to be deployed under the project is TCD – the machine effectively reverses the plastic production process; where the Thermo-Catalytic-Depolymerisation (TCD) process cracks the long chains of polymer to produce usable fuel.