3R Initiative
Scaling of Recycling Capacity of Post-Consumer Plastic film & Bottles
Hmawbi Township/Yagon city, Myanmar
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Since 2017, Myanmar Recycles (MR) has provided a critical solution to Myanmar’s growing contaminated plastic waste problem. MR has developed a commercial market for plastic recycling with an initial focus on difficult-to-collect and recycle post-consumer plastic film and HDPE containers. MR collects, sorts, and washes this waste, then pelletizes and sells it as plastic resin.

Collection: MR has been granted licensed rights to collect plastic film waste at Yangon’s largest landfill. MR has worked directly with over 200 pickers. The license has been granted by the municipal authority YCDC, which maintains ownership of Yangon’s waste management system.

Sorting/Processing: MR sorts, washes, and pelletizes post-consumer plastic waste at its plant.

Recycling/End Markets: Myanmar Recycles manufacturers LDPE and HDPE pellets. Myanmar Recycles sells its materials to a range of manufacturers of plastic film products (bags, films, boards) in Myanmar.

The Company has been financed by the founders, family, and friends in a pre-seed round. In December 2019, Myanmar Recycles raised a seed round with Andaman Capital Partners. Myanmar Recycles is currently fundraising to expand its current production capacity and add further value to its production:

-Increase the recycling capacity at our factory by maximizing current machinery and purchasing additional production lines.
-Triple collection by engaging more waste pickers and developing a B2B collection network with conscientious MNCs and local brands
-Establish a waste plastics collection network at the grassroots level through and provide manual or low-tech hand balers to existing scrap merchants and recyclers
-Establish a household-based waste plastics collection network in close alliance with conscientious and connected NGOs and with Myanmar’s leading grocery/retail chain, which expressed a strong interest in collaboration on a large scale.
-Install and operate a waste materials handling system at Yangon’s second-largest landfill site to enhance recyclable materials recovery and reduce volumes destined for a fast-filling site.